Snowball can’t promise to change your life but it’s done it many times. For many people. And always in a good way.

No. It's not a conference.

Everyone's been to those. Off keynotes, 'notworking', shabby hotels, cardboard food and watery coffee. Snowball is different. Over the years, Snowball has curated extraordinary experiences, designed to delight. Successful business people don't always find the time to build enduring relationships, so Snowball facilitates transformative introductions that often prove life changing. Time away from work, family and pressure opens the mind. The catalytic discussions provoke fresh thinking. Imagine all this, blended with a snowy backdrop of winter sports and 5 star luxury accommodation.

Much more than skiing.

Outside the sessions, the group skis (or boards) in groups of their choice. It’s just a great way to mix people up in fresh Alpine air. The bulk of the agenda is open but the meticulous process of selecting participants ensures that everyone on Snowball is smart, fun and dynamic. You'll meet people who can help you change the world, shape your dreams or make them real. Some are great skiers, some are complete beginners but everyone shares the same passion for life, business and making a difference.

If you are fortunate enough to be invited to Snowball, don’t pass it up. The invitation may not come again. And you'll simply never know what you missed.



Invitations are curated by the Snowboard - a group of people happy to trawl through their address books in order to share their most exciting friends, colleagues and heroes.